Dude this kills your legs and butt

I have no butt. In a futile effort to add a little oomph to my butt, I’ve searched for workouts. Plus, I need to get into shape. Anyways, I found this workout on pinterest.

You do:

30 jumping jacks

20 lunges

10 squats

10 plie squats

20 side lunges

20 glute kickbacks

15 short bridges

10 side leg circles (each leg)

20 glute kickbacks

15 squats

10 plie squats

20 jumping jacks

It makes you a little sore the first day. And since I’m an idiot, I decided that I wasn’t too sore todo it a second day in a row. I couldn’t walk for two days, and my legs hurt like hell for a week after that. Moral of the story: don’t push yourself too hard. Anyways, I just thought I’d share this. It’s quick, but you still feel it. I usually run about a quarter of a mile to warm up. Don’t forget to stretch!


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