Only a few days left…

It’s funny how the last few days of schoolars the hardest. Not the first few. Notthe day you have a big project due. Not even finals week is harder than the last week of school. It’s not even a full week, really. The last day is Thursday. But today is only Tuesday. This week is the week that drags on forever. We’re done with finals but we still have to go to school, so the teachers give us pointless busy work. I’m supposed to be at school right now, but I overslept. Not on purpose, of course, but it’s not like I’m missing anything important. You see, my first period class is World History. We were watching the concert version of Les Miserables, but some genius told the front office that we were watching an “uneducational” movie. It’s about the French Revolution! I mean, even if the teacher didn’t pause the movie every five minutes to explain what was going on, it would still be educational. So now we’re stuck talking about the 27 amendments. 

Anyways, I got my schedule for next year, and that became the deciding factor for my mother to agree to let me switch schools.  She’s on the phone right now with someone from the school that I’m trying to switch to. The whole drama now is that they didn’t give me Spanish II the first semester. I took Spanish I in seventh grade, so I’ve already got a pretty big gap. I need to hurry up and take Spanish II or I’m going to have to redo Spanish I. This is the second year at that school that they haven’t put me in it. They say it’s becuase the juniors and seniors need it to graduate, which I understand that, I really do. But at the same time, I need it, too. 

So wish me luck. I’m gonna need it to get through the next two or three days. And go get into the choice program for this school. Xoxo


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