12. Go to an Amusement Park

Already scratched one off the list!!! I’m at Carowinds, which is in North and South Carolina. I’m not particularly sure which state I’m in at the moment. Let me check my map…ok done. I’m in South Carolina right now. I may try to convince my friends to walk over to North Carolina, though, to go to the waterpark.

I’m sitting outside the Intimidator (a rollercoaster) waiting for my friends to finish. I’m not lame, but I do have a fear of rollercoasters. I’m proud of myself, though, because I’ve gone on a few of them.

 I didn’t feel like 2 hours of waiting is worth a minute-long ride. And they may still be in line. Anyways, I got up criminally early for a Saturday morning to come on this trip with my church. We’re technically here for the big christian concert that they’re having, but we don’t have to be there until 18:30, so we get the day to hang out and ride the rides.

 We went on one rollercoaster called the Carolina Cyclone and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!! It had a ton of corkscrews and a double loop and it was just all-around awesome. 

They have a new one this year called Fury 365, but I don’t know if I’m going to go on it during this trip. I may come back in a year if no one has died on it. I kinda want to ride it, though, so I have a reason to buy a tshirt. We’ll see. Xoxo


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