I’m That Desperate for Money

I got up at 6:00 am today to rush out the door. I had to be at someone’s house to babysit at 6:30. There are two kids I’m watching. They’re eating breakfast right now, so I have a little bit of down time.

Anyways, turns out that they are louder and more energetic in the mornings than they are in the afternoons or at night. 

Now, I love kids, don’t get me wrong-but I am not a morning person. Like, at all. However, I don’t currently have a job, and I need money. So I got up at an ugodly hour to come do this. 

I’m gonna have to walk home, too. Both of my parents work and I don’t have a car. A little bit about where I live: it’s about 9:15 am and it’s 87 degrees. Which is actually mild for here. The high today is 104 degrees. And I’m in yoga pants because it was kind of chilly at 6:00. Wish me luck that I don’t die of a heat stroke. Xoxo


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