Why Do They Wait to End School in June?

Dude. Pretty much every other school in every other state has already ended. They’re all out on summer break. So why can’t my school end in May like everyone else’s? But, noooo…my last day of school is mid-June. I haven’t even started finals yet. I take my first two tomorrow and my last two on Monday. And then we still have about two weeks left of school with nothing to do with ourselves. Granted, we start later than just about everyone else. But I’d rather start earlier than end later. At least that way the semester would be over sooner and we’d take those finals (cuz we have four different classes eachsemester, so we take finals twice) before winter break instead of the week we get back. But it’s whatever. I just hope they let us dress down (not wear our uniform) for like the last week of school. I seriously doubt it, though. I mean, they don’t let us dress down for finals, which sucks. I guess since tomorrow’s Friday, we’ll be wearing our Friday uniform (which is jeans and our school tshirt) to take the exams. So I guess that’s a little bit better than the regular uniform. Today was the senior class’s last day of school. I’M GONNA MISS MY SENIORS!!!! I have several senior friends and I’m really gonna miss them. I think I might cry, and I do not cry. Anyways, wish me luck on my exams-I’m gonna need it.


Oh, Highschool, How I Hate Thee So

Bruh, highschool is hard. Like, you have ten times the work you did before, plus homework. And you have to study a bunch more because the tests are harder. I’ll admit, I’ve fallen a bit when it comes to school. Mainly because I forget. I forget there was homework. I forget that that test was today. I forget that I was supposed to read three chapters so I could discuss and write about it in class. I honestly don’t know how I passed last semester’s classes. I mean, I only read the first half of To Kill A Mockingbird and somehow managed to test on it and write an essay. But, like, they suck the fun out of everything in highschool. I’m only a freshman and I can’t wait to graduate. I feel really bad for the juniors and seniors. And my school isn’t even a normal school. No, it’s a classical school. Which means no sports. Now, I’m not an athletic person and you will never hear me claim to be one, but I do enjoy having hot athletes around to look at. And the uniform! Oh the horror!!! It’s not like plaid and sweater vests, but there’s, like, no color. Black, white, and khaki. Oh or you can wear our school’s color. Which is ugly. And you’re earrings can’t be dangly and hoops can’t be above a certain size. I have so many cute outfits that I never get to wear. And you’d think they’d let us dress down and comfy for midterms and finals, but nooo. Uniforms all the way. I have to get up at 5:30 am. And that only gives me an hour to get ready. Like, I never get to curl or straighten my hair because I don’t have the time. And I have to shower at night unless I want to get up at 4 am because my hair takes like an hour and a half to blow dry. I have great friends, though, and they make my school bearable. I’m still going to try to switch, though. For the sake of my hair.